Send Cold Emails & Find New Clients Like A Breeze

We setup an email sales system for you so you can automatically send cold emails, get in front of more prospects and generate more meetings.

The Best System For Growing Your Business

Are you tired of manually sending sales emails and little to no new clients?

We setup and optimize our Email Sales System for your business, so you can automate your email outreach with your offer and book more meetings. Be visible when they are ready to purchase.

  • Access 78 million B2B contacts database
  • Send 5,000-20,000 emails monthly
  • Customizable pipeline to manage all of your opportunities and tasks in one place

Results Clients Have Achieved

"The results speak for themselves. There is an increase of around 10.5% in customer and in profits since we employed them."

- Isabella M.

"The platform allowed us to get us new clients and leads without having to do anything. Everything was on autopilot. "

- Gabriel B.

"They helped step up my email marketing game and got more opens and clicks. Some customers couldn't help themselves get in touch."

- Reagan F.

Generate More Meetings In 3 Simple Steps

1.) Signup.

2.) We setup your system and start the 2 week warmup process.

3.) System is then setup with cold emails and a contact list of your target market ready to send.

Why is email the King?

Email is the best method in the world for generating more meetings and clients. It gets your message/offer in front of your target market super easily. Its so easy to setup and manage, it will feel as if your generating meetings like its nothing.

Focus on Closing Deals

Automate Your Email Outreach

We setup and optimize the email sales system so your email outreach is being automated, its like a salesperson that doesn't get sick!

Keep Track of New Sales Opportunities

Track all of your opportunities using our drag-n-drop opportunity dashboard. You can also use our task management system to make sure opportunities are moving forward.

Connect either Pipedrive, HubSpot, SalesForce or GoHighLevel and push contacts, companies, tasks and opportunities from our system to your CRM.

Free Access To B2B Contact Database of 78 Million

Access a growing list of 78,000,000+ USA B2B contacts that are updated monthly and come with one-click email verification.

Contacts come with the following fields.

- Name

- Email

- Job Title

- Company

- Industry - SIC Code

- Company Size

- Location

- Company Phone

Performance Dashboard & Reporting

Track your leads, opportunities, revenue, tasks, sales activities, mass email, lead nurturing, and sales sequences open rates, click-through rates, reply rates, and more.

Spend More Time Closing Deals

Send hundreds or thousands of emails in three easy steps. Create a list of contacts, add the list and a email template to a email sequence, and hit send. The platform takes care of the rest for you.

Account-based Email

Send one email to multiple influencers at your top target accounts. Increase your cold email response rates at much as 500%.

The Cost


  • 5,000 Emails/month
  • 78 Million B2B Contacts


  • 10,000 Emails/month
  • 78 Million B2B Contacts


  • 20,000 Emails/month
  • 78 Million B2B Contacts


Meet The Team

We are a USA team of email specialists with 23 years of experience in email marketing and business development.


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